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 Lionel richie - Truly the Love songs (1997)

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MesazhTitulli: Lionel richie - Truly the Love songs (1997)   Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:43 am

Lionel richie - Truly the Love songs (1997)

Album Review

Since it contains six tunes that Richie wrote and performed as lead singer of the Commodores, the title for this collection may be technically a little

misleading. That said, those who appreciate Richie's instantly recognizable vocal style are unlikely to complain about the inclusion of such pop standards

as "Three Times a Lady," "Still," and "Easy." Maybe it's the passage of time, but Richie's solo work sounds more emotionally satisfying than the hits he had

with the group: "Hello" is still eminently soulful and "Penny Lover" has a warm and cozy feel. "Endless Love," Richie's memorable duetmore with Diana

Ross, shows that both singers can truly deliver powerhouse vocal performances, while the oft-overlooked Commodores hit "Sweet Love" is a welcome

addition to this collection. Richie may not have been in favor chart-wise for a while, but this package is a reminder of the contribution he's made as a

contemporary writer of classic love songs

01 My Destiny
02 Endless Love (With Diana Ross)
03 Three Times A Lady (With The Commodores)
04 Don't Wanna Lose You
05 Hello
06 Sail On (With The Commodores)
07 Easy (With The Commodores)
08 Say You, Say Me
09 Do It To Me
10 Penny Lover
11 Truly
12 Still (With The Commodores)
13 Love Will Conquer All
14 Sweet Love (With The Commodores)
15 Ballerina Girl
16 Still In Love
17 Oh No (With The Commodores)
18 Just To Be Close To You (With The Commodores)
19 Stuck On You


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Lionel richie - Truly the Love songs (1997)
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