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 DHL Tracking "Awaiting collection by recipient as requested"?

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MesazhTitulli: DHL Tracking "Awaiting collection by recipient as requested"?   Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:12 am

My package apparently has been shipped out from Hong Kong a few days ago through DHL, however today the tracking system updated and listed "Awaiting collection by recipient as requested". So i ended up calling the DHL office where they said that the shipper in Hong Kong would have to pick it up and deal with whatever that needs to be dealt with... so i ended up contacting the shipper which is a shipping commission office (007daigou) and they said that i just have to wait a few days for the package to get past the custom in Hong Kong which should be 1-2 days.. now i am super confused about what is going to happen to my package, and i need it by next Sunday, does anyone know what is happening? or.. which side i should listen to? My package is just cosplay wigs and outfits (8509g)... the commission office has also contacted the DHL office in China, and that is what the office in china said..


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DHL Tracking "Awaiting collection by recipient as requested"?
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